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"Qvevri" Gains Status of Protected Geographical Indication

Qvevri (a Georgian wine pitcher) has been granted protected geographical indication status, Qvevri is the first non-food product to be added to the state register of appellations of origin and geographical indications, reports the Ministry of Environment and Agriculture.

“Georgian Qvevri wine is becoming more and more popular both in Georgia and in the international arena, which increases the attention even more; this is why Qvevri, as a product that contributes significantly to quality, needs more attention. UNESCO recognition has given us more responsibility.

The state has done a lot to promote Qvevri wine. The Ministry has worked and created a Qvevri standard that takes into account the historical memory and heritage we have in this area. We have worked closely with Sakpatenti, and Qvevri is the first non-food product in Georgia to have the status of a geographical indication. This will further promote Georgian Qvevri wine, both inside and outside the country,” said Levan Davitashvili, chairman of the Georgian National Intellectual Property Center Sakpatenti.

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