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Prometheus Cave

Prometheus Cave- Sataplia Cave-Bagrati Cathedral-Mowameta

Prometheus cave, is located near the Georgian town of Tskhaltubo, 20 km away from Kutaisi in Imereti region in the West of the country. Everyone knows legendary Prometheus who under Greek mythology stole fire from Gods was chained to Mountain. Georgians have a famous myth like this too.

Prometheus Cave- Sataplia Cave-Bagrati Cathedral-Mowameta
Prometheus Cave- Sataplia Cave-Bagrati Cathedral-Mowameta

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Prometheus Cave, Kumistavi, Georgia

About The Event

dinosaurs, visit the small museum. There is a restaurant and some attractions. In short, tourist infrastructure is developed.

Bagrati Cathedral is named after Bagrat III - the first king of a united Georgia, started at the end of the 10th century and was completed in the early years of the 11th century. The Cathedral holds special importance in the history of Georgia as an architectural and cultural monument  and since 1994, Bagrati Cathedral is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Bagrati was once richly decorated with murals and mosaics representing the masterpiece of medieval Georgian architecture. In 1692 the cathedral was captured and destroyed by the Ottomans. On the territory of Bagrati Cathedral, a large number of gold earrings, rings and other accessories had been found.

Motsameta- It is a small and very beautiful monastery with round turrets crowned with peaked tent-shaped domes. The monastery is standing above the rough Rioni river. According to the legend the monastery was constructed on the place where Muslims executed David and Konstantin Mkheidze, Georgian princes, who refused to accept Islam. In a small monastery hall on an eminence there is a big rectangular ark with the hallows of the pious princes canonized by Georgian Church . Motsameta attracts crowds of tourists with an ancient superstition: if one crawls three times under the ark and makes a wish while touching the hallows, the princes David and Konstantin will grant it.


• Explore Sataplia cave with its breathtaking views, enjoy Kutaisi City view from the glass platform, see millions of years old footprints of dinosaurs and take picture with the models of dinosaurs

• Enjoy those   breathtaking views from Prometheus cave

• Explore UNESCO World Heritage in face of Bagrati Cathedral

Places to visit:

• Sataplia cave

• Prometheus cave

• Bagrati cathedral

• Motsameta

Entrance Fees/Extra activities:

• Sataplia Cave-17.25 Gel

• Prometheus cave-23 Gel

Includes :            





What’s Not Included :

Entrance fees, 

Food and drinks


  • Regular ticket

    Includes: Guide, Transportation, Pick-up, Drop-off What’s Not Included: Entrance fees, food and drinks

    95,00 US$


0,00 US$

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