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Alazani Canal


In Georgia, balloon flights mostly take place in the Alazani Valley, an ancient cultural center and the home of Georgian winemaking. All the tourist routes pass through this area. The valley stretches for more than one hundred kilometers along the southern slopes of the Greater Caucasus Mountain


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Alazani Canal, Alazani Canal, Georgia

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The mountains rise majestically into the blue sky, their peaks topped with snow-white glaciers.

Flying in a hot air balloon is an extremely emotional experience! The spellbinding beauty of our earth as it opens up from above, particularly in the early morning light of the rising sun, is too wondrous for words. As you fly, you are enveloped in complete silence. The balloon moves smoothly, not much faster than walking pace. You do not feel the wind, since the balloon moves at the same speed as it, while a panoramic view opens up all around you.

Beneath the hot air balloon gondola, vineyards and fruit orchards drift slowly by. They crisscross the valley in a patchwork of golden-orange and green squares. A silvery river meanders though abundant forests dotted with sparkling lakes, while the turrets of medieval fortresses and monasteries stretch skyward. 

You can travel at 50 m above the ground and hold conversations with the people standing below, or fly over the mountain tops at an altitude of 2,000 m. Flying in a hot air balloon brings you into communion with the Great Mystery! 

Flight Starts early in the morning. It usually lasts 1-1.20 but whole excursion is about 6 hours. Season starts from April and lasts till Octomber. Flight may be canceled (on that day)because of bad weather. Full information about weather we have 24 hours before the flight. kids age is from 10 years.

There is included transfer in this tour and the way back you will enjoy wine tasting in Georgian winery.


  • Regular ticket

    Ticket Includes: Private transportation, Hotel pick-up and drop-off What’s Not Included: Food and drinks. Warning: Tour may be delayed or canceled because of weather.

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